Gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX SK91249-6I

JeHandleiding biedt een gemeenschapsdienst van aandeel, archivering on line en van opzoeking van documentatie betreffende het gebruik van materialen of software : handleiding, gebruiksaanwijzing, installatiegids, technisch handboek… VERGEET NIET: ALTIJD DE HANDLEIDING LEZEN ALVORENS TE KOPEN!

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Indien de inhoud van dit document met de handleiding overeenstemt, met de gebruiksaanwijzing, met de instructielijst, de installatielijst, of gebruikerslijst, met de handboek, met de montageschema of met de gids die u zoekt, aarzel niet die te teleladen. YYY laat u toe gemakkelijk toegang te hebben tot de informaties over de gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX SK91249-6I. Wij hopen dat dit AEG-ELECTROLUX SK91249-6I handleiding nut zal zijn voor jou.

JeHandleiding laat toe de gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX SK91249-6I te teleladen.

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[. . . ] SANTO K 9 12 49-6i Gebruiksaanwijzing User manual Benutzerinformation Koelkast Refrigerator Kühlschrank 2 Inhoud Wij danken u voor uw keuze voor een van onze producten van hoogwaardige kwaliteit. Lees deze gebruiksaanwijzing alstublieft zorgvuldig door, zo kunt u zeker zijn van optimale en professionele prestaties van uw apparaat. De handleiding zal u in staat stellen om alle processen perfect en op de meest efficiënte wijze te laten verlopen. Wij adviseren u deze handleiding op een veilige plaats te bewaren, dan kunt u hem te allen tijde raadplegen. [. . . ] Bananas, potatoes, onions and garlic, if not packed, must not be kept in the refrigerator. Hints for freezing To help you make the most of the freezing process, here are some important hints: · To freeze the maximum quantity shown on the rating plate press the FROSTMATIC switch 24 hours prior to freezing, or 4 to 6 hours for smaller quantities. · The FROSTMATIC switch not need not be pressed for freezing of small quantities. · only freeze top quality, fresh and thoroughly cleaned, foodstuffs; · prepare food in small portions to enable it to be rapidly and completely frozen and to make it possible subsequently to thaw only the quantity required; · wrap up the food in aluminium foil or polythene and make sure that the packages are airtight; · do not allow fresh, unfrozen food to touch food which is already frozen, thus avoiding a rise in temperature of the latter; · lean foods store better and longer than fatty ones; salt reduces the storage life of food; Care and cleaning 25 · water ices, if consumed immediately after removal from the freezer compartment, can possibly cause the skin to be freeze burnt; · it is advisable to show the freezing in date on each individual pack to enable you to keep tab of the storage time. Hints for storage of frozen food To obtain the best performance from this appliance, you should: · make sure that the commercially frozen foodstuffs were adequately stored by the retailer; · be sure that frozen foodstuffs are transferred from the foodstore to the freezer in the shortest possible time; · not open the door frequently or leave it open longer than absolutely necessary. · Once defrosted, food deteriorates rapidly and cannot be refrozen. · Do not exceed the storage period indicated by the food manufacturer. CARE AND CLEANING CAUTION!This appliance contains hydrocarbons in its cooling unit; maintenance and recharging must therefore only be carried out by authorized technicians. Periodic cleaning The equipment has to be cleaned regularly: · clean the inside and accessories with lukewarm water and some neutral soap. · regularly check the door seals and wipe clean to ensure they are clean and free from debris. Do not pull, move or damage any pipes and/or cables inside the cabinet. Never use detergents, abrasive powders, highly perfumed cleaning products or wax polishes to clean the interior as this will damage the surface and leave a strong odour. Clean the condenser (black grill) and the compressor at the back of the appliance with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. This operation will improve the performance of the appliance and save electricity consumption. Many proprietary kitchen surface cleaners contain chemicals that can attack/damage the plastics used in this appliance. For this reason it is recommended that the outer casing of this appliance is only cleaned with warm water with a little washing-up liquid added. After cleaning, reconnect the equipment to the mains supply. Defrosting of the refrigerator Frost is automatically eliminated from the evaporator of the refrigerator compartment every time the motor compressor stops, during normal use. The defrost water drains out 26 Care and cleaning through a trough into a special container at the back of the appliance, over the motor compressor, where it evaporates. It is important to periodically clean the defrost water drain hole in the middle of the refrigerator compartment channel to prevent the water overflowing and dripping onto the food inside. Use the special cleaner provided, which you will find already inserted into the drain hole. Defrosting the freezer A certain amount of frost will always form around the top compartment. Defrost the freezer when the frost layer reaches a thickness of about 3-5 mm. Remove any stored food, wrap it in several layers of newspaper and put it in a cool place. Set the temperature regulator to obtain the maximum coldness and run the appliance for two or three hours using this setting. Never use sharp metal tools to scrape off frost from the evaporator as you could damage it. Do not use a mechanical device or any artificial means to speed up the thawing process other than those recommended by the manufacturer. [. . . ] Schalten Sie die COOLMATIC oder FROSTMATIC -Funktion manuell aus oder warten Sie mit dem Einstellen der Temperatur, bis die Funktion automatisch ausgeschaltet wird. Siehe hierzu "COOLMATIC -Funktion oder FROSTMATIC-Funktion". Lassen Sie die Produkttemperatur auf Raumtemperatur abkühlen, bevor Sie die Produkte einlagern. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Kaltluft im Gerät zirkuliert und die Produkte dies nicht verhindern. Die Temperatur lässt sich nicht einstellen. COOLMATIC Die FROSTMATICFunktion oder die . -Funktion ist eingeschaltet. Die Temperatur im Gerät ist zu hoch/niedrig. Der Temperaturregler ist nicht richtig eingestellt. [. . . ]


JeHandleiding biedt een gemeenschapsdienst van aandeel, archivering on line en van opzoeking van documentatie betreffende het gebruik van materialen of software : handleiding, gebruiksaanwijzing, installatiegids, technisch handboek…
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