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Indien de inhoud van dit document met de handleiding overeenstemt, met de gebruiksaanwijzing, met de instructielijst, de installatielijst, of gebruikerslijst, met de handboek, met de montageschema of met de gids die u zoekt, aarzel niet die te teleladen. YYY laat u toe gemakkelijk toegang te hebben tot de informaties over de gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX SC81641-4I. Wij hopen dat dit AEG-ELECTROLUX SC81641-4I handleiding nut zal zijn voor jou.

JeHandleiding laat toe de gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX SC81641-4I te teleladen.

AEG-ELECTROLUX SC81641-4I : De integrale gebruiksaanwijzing teleladen (2692 Ko)

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   AEG-ELECTROLUX SC81641-4I (257 ko)

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[. . . ] SANTO C 8 16 41-4i Benutzerinformation User manual Gebruiksaanwijzing Kühl-/ Gefrierkombination Fridge-Freezer Koelkast-Vriezer 2 Inhalt Danke, dass Sie sich für eines unserer hochqualitativen Produkte entschieden haben. Lesen Sie für eine optimale und gleichmäßige Leistung Ihres Gerätes diese Benutzerinformation bitte sorgfältig durch. Sie wird Ihnen helfen, alle Vorgänge perfekt und äußerst effizient zu steuern. Damit Sie diese Benutzerinformation bei Bedarf stets zur Hand haben, empfehlen wir Ihnen, sie an einem sicheren Ort aufzubewahren. [. . . ] If large quantities of food are to be stored, remove all drawers and baskets from appliance and place food on cooling shelves to obtain the best performance. Make sure that foods do not exceed the load limit stated on the side of the upper section (where applicable) 28 Daily use In the event of accidental defrosting, for example due to a power failure, if the power has been off for longer that the value shown in the technical characteristics chart under "rising time", the defrosted food must be consumed quickly or cooked immediately and then refrozen (after cooling). Freezing Calendar The symbols show different types of frozen goods. The numbers indicate storage times in months for the appropriate types of frozen goods. Whether the upper or lower value of the indicated storage time is valid depends on the quality of the foods and treating before freezing. Thawing Deep-frozen or frozen food, prior to being used, can be thawed in the refrigerator compartment or at room temperature, depending on the time available for this operation. Small pieces may even be cooked still frozen, directly from the freezer: in this case, cooking will take longer. Ice-cube production This appliance is equipped with one or more trays for the production of ice-cubes. Fill these trays with water, then put them in the freezer compartment. Do not use metallic instruments to remove the trays from the freezer. Cold accumulators One or more cold accumulators are supplied in the freezer; these increase the length of time for which food will keep in the event of a power failure or breakdown. Movable shelves The walls of the refrigerator are equipped with a series of runners so that the shelves can be positioned as desired. For better use of space, the front half-shelves can lie over the rear ones. Helpful hints and tips 29 Positioning the door shelves To permit storage of food packages of various sizes, the door shelves can be placed at different heights. Humidity control The glass shelf incorporates a device with slits (adjustable by means of a sliding lever), which makes it possible to regulate the temperature in the vegetable drawer(s). When the ventilation slots are closed: the natural moisture content of the food in the fruit and vegetable compartments is preserved for longer. When the ventilation slots are opened: more air circulation results in a lower air moisture content in the fruit and vegetable compartments. Helpful hints and tips Hints for energy saving · Do not open the door frequently or leave it open longer than absolutely necessary. · If the ambient temperature is high, the Temperature Regulator is on the higher setting and the appliance is fully loaded, the compressor may run continuously, causing frost or ice on the evaporator. If this happens, turn the Temperature Regulator toward lower settings to allow automatic defrosting and so a saving in electricity consumption. Hints for fresh food refrigeration To obtain the best performance: · do not store warm food or evaporating liquids in the refrigerator · do cover or wrap the food, particularly if it has a strong flavour · position food so that air can circulate freely around it Hints for refrigeration Useful hints: Meat (all types) : wrap in polythene bags and place on the glass shelf above the vegetable drawer. Cooked foods, cold dishes, etc. . : these should be covered and may be placed on any shelf. Fruit and vegetables: these should be thoroughly cleaned and placed in the special drawer(s) provided. Butter and cheese: these should be placed in special airtight containers or wrapped in aluminium foil or polythene bags to exclude as much air as possible. Milk bottles: these should have a cap and should be stored in the bottle rack on the door. 30 Care and cleaning Bananas, potatoes, onions and garlic, if not packed, must not be kept in the refrigerator. Hints for freezing To help you make the most of the freezing process, here are some important hints: · the maximum quantity of food which can be frozen in 24 hrs. is shown on the rating plate; · the freezing process takes 24 hours. No further food to be frozen should be added during this period; · only freeze top quality, fresh and thoroughly cleaned, foodstuffs; · prepare food in small portions to enable it to be rapidly and completely frozen and to make it possible subsequently to thaw only the quantity required; · wrap up the food in aluminium foil or polythene and make sure that the packages are airtight; · do not allow fresh, unfrozen food to touch food which is already frozen, thus avoiding a rise in temperature of the latter; · lean foods store better and longer than fatty ones; salt reduces the storage life of food; · water ices, if consumed immediately after removal from the freezer compartment, can possibly cause the skin to be freeze burnt; · it is advisable to show the freezing in date on each individual pack to enable you to keep tab of the storage time. Hints for storage of frozen food To obtain the best performance from this appliance, you should: · make sure that the commercially frozen foodstuffs were adequately stored by the retailer; · be sure that frozen foodstuffs are transferred from the foodstore to the freezer in the shortest possible time; · not open the door frequently or leave it open longer than absolutely necessary. · Once defrosted, food deteriorates rapidly and cannot be refrozen. · Do not exceed the storage period indicated by the food manufacturer. Care and cleaning CAUTION!This appliance contains hydrocarbons in its cooling unit; maintenance and recharging must therefore only be carried out by authorized technicians. Periodic cleaning The equipment has to be cleaned regularly: · clean the inside and accessories with lukewarm water and some neutral soap. · regularly check the door seals and wipe clean to ensure they are clean and free from debris. [. . . ] verwijder de borgklemmen. B Omkeerbaarheid van de deur De deur van het apparaat gaat naar rechts open. Als u wilt dat de deur naar links open gaat, ga dan als volgt te werk, voordat u het apparaat installeert: Montage 1. Zet de bovenste pen vast. 58 Montage Ventilatievereisten De luchtstroom achter het apparaat moet voldoende zijn. 50 mm min. Duw het apparaat in de richting van de pijl (1) totdat de afdekking van de opening tegen het keukenmeubel aankomt. [. . . ]


JeHandleiding biedt een gemeenschapsdienst van aandeel, archivering on line en van opzoeking van documentatie betreffende het gebruik van materialen of software : handleiding, gebruiksaanwijzing, installatiegids, technisch handboek…
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