Gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX FM4863K-AN

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Indien de inhoud van dit document met de handleiding overeenstemt, met de gebruiksaanwijzing, met de instructielijst, de installatielijst, of gebruikerslijst, met de handboek, met de montageschema of met de gids die u zoekt, aarzel niet die te teleladen. YYY laat u toe gemakkelijk toegang te hebben tot de informaties over de gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX FM4863K-AN. Wij hopen dat dit AEG-ELECTROLUX FM4863K-AN handleiding nut zal zijn voor jou.

JeHandleiding laat toe de gebruiksaanwijzing AEG-ELECTROLUX FM4863K-AN te teleladen.

AEG-ELECTROLUX FM4863K-AN : De integrale gebruiksaanwijzing teleladen (393 Ko)

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   AEG-ELECTROLUX FM4863K-AN (296 ko)

Handleiding samenvatting: gebruikershandleiding AEG-ELECTROLUX FM4863K-AN

Uitgebreide gebruiksaanwijzingen staan in de gebruikershandleiding.

[. . . ] FM4863-an Induction wok Installation and Operating Instructions Dear Customer, Please read these user instructions carefully and keep them to refer to later. Please pass the user instructions on to any future owner of the appliance. 1 3 2 The following symbols are used in the text: Safety instructions Warning!Useful tips and hints Environmental information 2 Contents Operating Instructions. 31 3 Operating Instructions 1 Safety instructions 3 5 Please comply with these instructions. [. . . ] was switched on The child safety device is switched on Several sensor fields were touched at the same time Safety cut-out has been triggered Deactivate child safety device (See the section "Child safety device") Only touch one sensor field Remove any objects (pan, cloths, etc. ) that are lying on the control panel. Switch appliance on again The residual heat indicator The cooking zone was only If the cooking zone is supis not displaying anything on for a short time and is posed to be hot, call the therefore not hot Customer Service Department. Power function cannot be switched on The Power function func- Let cooking surface cool tion has already been acti- down. vated several times quickly one after the other Unsuitable cookware No cookware on the cooking zone and number are displayed Electronics fault Use suitable cookware Put cookware on zone Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply for a few minutes (Take the fuse out of the house's wiring system) If after switching on again, is displayed again, call the customer service department Do not touch the pan handle when setting the heat settings and do not position over the control panel. lights up It is very hard to adjust the heat settings Potential differences 17 1 3 If you are unable to remedy the problem by following the above suggestions, please contact your dealer or the Customer Care Department. Repairs to the appliance are only to be carried out by qualified service engineers. If the appliance has been wrongly operated, the visit from the customer service technician or dealer may not take place free of charge, even during the warranty period. Disposal 2 Packaging material The packaging materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Please dispose of the packaging materials in the appropriate container at the community waste disposal facilities. Old appliance on the product or on its packaging indicates that this The symbol product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. 2 W 18 Installation Instructions Safety instructions The laws, ordinances, directives and standards in force in the country of use are to be followed (safety regulations, proper recycling in accordance with the regulations, etc. ) Installation may only be carried out by a qualified electrician. The minimum distances to other appliances and units are to be observed. Anti-shock protection must be provided by the installation, for example drawers may only be installed with a protective floor directly underneath the appliance. The cut surfaces of the worktop are to be protected against moisture using a suitable sealant. Otherwise hot cookware may be knocked off the rings when doors and windows are opened. The appliance must be free of voltage when installing and uninstalling. Ensure anti-shock protection through correct installation by a qualified installer. The appliance must be connected to the electrical supply by a qualified electrician. Loose and inappropriate plug and socket connections can make the terminal overheat. Have the clamping connections correctedly installed by a qualified electrician. If the mains cable is damaged, it must only be replaced by a qualified ecletrician or our Customer Care Department. 1 1 19 This appliance's mains cable must be a special cable (type H05BB-F Tmax 90; or higher). A device must be provided in the electrical installation which allows the appliance to be disconnected from the mains at all poles with a contact opening width of at least 3 mm. [. . . ] We give a twelve month guarantee for repairs, limited to the same defect. Except in the event where liability is legally imposed, this declaration of guarantee terms excludes any compensation for damage outside the appliance for which the consumer wishes to assert his rights. In the event of legally admitted liability, compensation will not exceed the purchase price paid for the appliance. These guarantee terms are only valid for appliances purchased and used in Belgium. [. . . ]


JeHandleiding biedt een gemeenschapsdienst van aandeel, archivering on line en van opzoeking van documentatie betreffende het gebruik van materialen of software : handleiding, gebruiksaanwijzing, installatiegids, technisch handboek…
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