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Indien de inhoud van dit document met de handleiding overeenstemt, met de gebruiksaanwijzing, met de instructielijst, de installatielijst, of gebruikerslijst, met de handboek, met de montageschema of met de gids die u zoekt, aarzel niet die te teleladen. YYY laat u toe gemakkelijk toegang te hebben tot de informaties over de gebruiksaanwijzing ACER V195WL. Wij hopen dat dit ACER V195WL handleiding nut zal zijn voor jou.

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[. . . ] Raadpleeg een onderhoudsmonteur als de monitor niet normaal werkt wanneer u de instructies in deze handleiding hebt gevolgd. De behuizing mag uitsluitend door bevoegd onderhoudspersoneel worden geopend. . Houd de monitor weg uit direct zonlicht en uit de buurt van kachels of andere warmtebronnen. Verwijder alle voorwerpen die in de ventilatieopeningen zouden kunnen vallen of de juiste koeling van de elektronica van de monitor zouden kunnen belemmeren. [. . . ] Electronics equipment in offices is often left running continuously and thereby consumes a lot of energy. What does labeling involve? This product meets the requirements for the TCO'99 scheme which provides for international and environmental labeling of personal computers. The labeling scheme was developed as a joint effort by the TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees), Svenska Naturskyddsforeningen (The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) and Statens Energimyndighet (The Swedish National Energy Administration). Approval requirements cover a wide range of issues: environment, ergonomics, usability, emission of electric and magnetic fields, energy consumption and electrical and fire safety. The environmental demands impose restrictions on the presence and use of heavy metals, brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, CFCs (freons) and chlorinated solvents, among other things. The product must be prepared for recycling and the manufacturer is obliged to have an environmental policy which must be adhered to in each country where the company implements its operational policy. The energy requirements include a demand that the computer and/or display, after a certain period of inactivity, shall reduce its power consumption to a lower level in one or more stages. The length of time to reactivate the computer shall be reasonable for the user. Labeled products must meet strict environmental demands, for example, in respect of the reduction of electric and magnetic fields, physical and visual ergonomics and good usability. Below you will find a brief summary of the environmental requirements met by this product. The complete file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/B2C/DUTCH/170C4/safety/regs/regulat. htm (1 of 13) [3/1/2004 5:39:05 PM] Regulatory Information environmental criteria document may be ordered from: Information for UK only ·Troubleshooting TCO Development Other Related · Information SE-114 94 Stockholm, Sweden ·Frequently Asked Fax: +46 8 782 92 07 Questions (FAQs) Email (Internet): development@tco. se · Current information regarding TCO'99 approved and labeled products may also be obtained via the Internet, using the address: http://www. tco-info. com/ RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Environmental Requirements Flame retardants Flame retardants are present in printed circuit boards, cables, wires, casings and housings. Up to 30% of the plastic in a computer casing can consist of flame retardant substances. Since the end of the 1980s TCO has been involved in influencing the development of IT equipment in a more user-friendly direction. Our labelling system started with displays in 1992 and is now requested by users and IT-manufacturers all over the world. For more information, please visit www. tcodevelopment. com RETURN TO TOP OF THE PAGE Recycling Information for Customers Philips establishes technically and economically viable objectives to optimize the environmental performance of the organization's product, service and activities. From the planning, design and production stages, Philips emphasizes the important of making products that can easily be recycled. At Philips, end-of-life management primarily entails participation in national take-back initiatives and recycling programs whenever possible, preferably in cooperation with competitors. There is currently a system of recycling up and running in the European countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In U. S. A. , Philips Consumer Electronics North America has contributed funds for the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) Electronics Recycling Project and state recycling initiatives for end-of-life electronics products from household sources. In addition, the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) - a multi-state non-profit organization focused on promoting recycling market development - plans to implement a recycling program. In Asia Pacific, Taiwan, the products can be taken back by Environment Protection Administration (EPA) to follow the IT product recycling management process, detail can be found in web site www. epa. gov. tw For help and service, please contact Consumers Information Center or F1rst Choice Contact Information Center in each country or the following team of Environmental specialist can help. Job Chiu - Environment manager Philips Electronics Industries (Taiwan) Ltd, Monitor Business Unit E-mail: job. chiu@philips. com Tel: +886 (0) 3 454 9839 Mr. Maarten ten Houten - Senior Environmental Consultant Philips Consumer Electronics E-mail: marten. ten. houten@philips. com Tel: +31 (0) 40 27 33402 file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/B2C/DUTCH/170C4/safety/regs/regulat. htm (4 of 13) [3/1/2004 5:39:05 PM] Regulatory Information Mr. [. . . ] Usacheva 35a 119048 Moscow Phone: 095-937 9300 Fax : 095-755 6923 file:///D|/My%20documents/dfu/B2C/DUTCH/warranty/warcic. htm (1 of 9) [3/1/2004 5:40:01 PM] Consumer Information Centers TURKEY Türk Philips Ticaret A. S. 80640-Gültepe/Istanbul Phone: (0800)-211 40 36 Fax : (0212)-281 1809 Latin America ANTILLES Philips Antillana N. V. box 3523-3051 Willemstad, Curacao Phone: (09)-4612799 Fax : (09)-4612772 ARGENTINA Philips Antillana N. V. Vedia 3892 Capital Federal CP: 1430 Buenos Aires Phone: (011)-4544 2047 BRASIL Philips da Amazônia Ind. [. . . ]


JeHandleiding biedt een gemeenschapsdienst van aandeel, archivering on line en van opzoeking van documentatie betreffende het gebruik van materialen of software : handleiding, gebruiksaanwijzing, installatiegids, technisch handboek…
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